Data Specs

The IMLS takes feeds that match the RESO spec used by USA MLSs which conforms to RESO standards

The IMLS also takes feeds that are used to send to the largest US portals now such as Zillow, as well as feeds from the various large MLS/IDX providers

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International XML Spec Requirements

Below are the required fields and instructions per field that must be adhered to in order to have your listings accepted by The IMLS.

  • We will only accept the following feed types: XML2U, Kyero.
  • All listings must have a unique Property ID so that we can match the lead to your property when we send you the lead information.
  • All listings must includes includes Address street, location, region, postcode, country and countryCodeISO3166-1-alpha2.
  • Price: Must be numeric only. Example: 100000 and currency GBP
  • Status: Must be filled like for sale or lease or etc..
  • Property Type: Must be filled like House, Villa, Flat, Apartment, Land, or Commercial.
  • Title: Must include a title for each listing that has a minimum of 30 characters, including spaces.
  • description: Must include a Summary/Description that has a minimum of 60 characters, including spaces.


  • All images must be JPGs
  • All images must measure 720px wide by 600 pixels high
  • All images must NOT have your agency's watermark
  • You must include at least ONE image per listing, but please have FIVE.
  • If you do not have an image to represent your listing, then you must point to a “Coming Soon” image
  • All images must point to a full URL (Example:


  • You must include at least five (5) features, which will be represented as “bullets” on The IMLS website.
  • Be clear, concise and short with your features (Example: Private Community Pool)