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MLS™/CLAW Partners with The International MLS [IMLS]® to Provide IMLS Memberships for their Members

All The MLS™/CLAW Members Are Now IMLS Members

Boca Raton, Florida Sep 22, 2022 --( The International MLS [IMLS]® proudly announced today that The MLS™/CLAW has signed a partnership agreement with The IMLS to provide The IMLS memberships to all of its members as an additional member benefit at no cost to their members.

According to The IMLS CEO/Founder Dr. Daniel Nussbaum, “The agreement provides that the listings and roster data will be delivered to The IMLS on behalf of all their MLS members. Their members will now have all their listings on The International MLS [IMLS]® and on thousands of other agent and broker sites across the country and around the world automatically.

Their members will now also be IMLS members, be listed in our Agent Directory for every city they service, have full access to their own secure area in The IMLS Agent platform, and be able to network internationally while providing their listings with international exposure. I want to thank Annie Ives, CEO of The MLS™/CLAW for her help in making this a reality and working so well with us along with her team.”

The MLS™/CLAW members are now also able to take advantage of IMLS Special Product Options and Opportunities to build their businesses locally and globally. This includes The IMLS international search page with listings in 100+ countries and in 100+ languages, which provides an automated global property sharing of listings between agents around the world. Their customers can view all IMLS listings in more than 100 languages with their web visitors staying on that agent’s own URL. At the same time, the agent receives the buyer leads to make referrals to other agents as they choose. The IMLS makes it easy for agents to network with each other and share listings anywhere in the world.

The IMLS global technology platform addresses the growing concerns about the direction of the real estate industry by upholding core ethical promises: 1. The IMLS never advertises other agents on a personal member’s listing page. 2. If a consumer is interested in a property only that listing agent will receive the lead. 3. The IMLS does not take any For Sale By Owner USA residential listings. The IMLS initiative is about putting the real estate market back in the hands of agents and brokers. Additionally, with the IMLS Member Benefits Plan, MLS members cannot enter any “pocket listings” as they must first enter their property listings in their local MLS.

“With the previous additions of FMLS in Atlanta, the Miami Association, and the Royal Palm Coast REALTOR® Association in Fort Myers among others, this will add the agents and brokers from Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Los Angeles Westside. This agreement continues to significantly expand IMLS memberships, especially throughout the USA. Our growth since 2020 has been exponential and we expect further significant growth through partnerships with MLSs, brokers, agents, and developers. Our goal remains to bring the real estate world closer together by serving the best interests of all concerned. We are delighted that The MLS™/CLAW can see the strategic advantages for their members to become IMLS members and join in with The IMLS global initiative and that they can see that The IMLS is not just for their global agents, but for Luxury and Global Agents & Those That Want to Be,” said Dr. Nussbaum.

The CEO of The MLS™/CLAW, Annie Ives says “Because the real estate market is seeing a trend of international investments supplementing domestic property purchases, it is essential to offer our members access to the International MLS.”

About The International MLS [IMLS]®

The International MLS [IMLS]® is a real estate technology company and a global portal and products platform serving agents, brokers, associations, developers, buyers, and sellers around the world. Based in Boca Raton Florida, The IMLS has listings in 100+ countries available in 100+ languages and The IMLS enables agents to have all listings for their own websites. The IMLS empowers all agents and brokers to display international property listings knowing that commissions can be made on any sale which is generated by their IMLS search through referral agreements with other agents around the world and now has more than 290,000 members. More information about The International MLS [IMLS]® and all its services can be found on

About the The MLS™/CLAW

The MLS™/CLAW is a leading multiple listing service in Southern California. Its jurisdiction is from Downtown Los Angeles to Pacific Coast Highway. The company has evolved into a leading real estate technology company with an internally-developed, wholly-owned and operated real estate software.